Digital Prescriber

Latest paperless innovation loaded with more advanced features and automation designed to eliminate issues you have with previous digital pen system or other digital prescribing solution. Excellent software reliability, more control, pharmacy compliant transmission and software integration. Highest writing accuracy and 99.9% printout resolution quality than traditional fax. Best alternative for your Digital Pen system. An application that are both beneficial for Facility and Pharmacy. Simple, Easy To Use And Learn


  • Windows Based software compatible to desktop or tablet devices with secured user login.
  • Pharmacy Software Integrated Database.
  • Computerized Order Entry and Integrated Resident Binder (eBinder).
  • Generate & Complete Physician Medication Review On-Screen.
  • Generate & Complete Medication Reconciliation or New Admission On-Screen.
  • Automated Drug Record Book Report upon successful order transmission.
  • Received and Send Faxes from our software.
  • Orders are automatically sent to the pharmacy via direct print with efax as a backup.
  • And much more...

eBinder – The electronic version of your resident binder.

  • Orders are sorted automatically into each patient binder.
  • Annotate or sign forms right on the screen.
  • Automatic or manually assign notifications to our To-Do List for all users such as Telephone Orders that need Doctor Signature, 1st and 2nd Check Signature of New Orders, etc.
  • Designed to save space, paperless entry, easy and faster file access anywhere within the home with offline/online data backup system.

Paperless writing solution using Active Stylus Pen with Allergy, CrCl, ISMP Notification

  • Write your orders like you would write on the paper.
  • View Resident Active or Discontinued Medications.
  • Select from the customizable list of popular orders using our text entry option


Pharmacy automated report scheduling

  • Auto generate Physician Medication Review based on group schedule.
  • Assign or flag doctors for Narcotic & Control Substances authorization & LU request.
Rax Technology Inc. -  Digital Prescriber